10 Easy Classes At UVA To Take This Semester

Need a boost to your GPA this semester? Here are 10 easy classes at UVA that you can take if you want an easy A.

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We’ve all been there – your GPA isn’t where you want it to be and you’re stressing out. Luckily, you’re probably only a few A’s away from a better GPA.

If you need a boost to your grade point average, we recommend taking an easy class that you think you can get a good grade in.

Of course, ‘easy’ can be subjective depending on your interests and learning styles. So take a look through this list and try to pick a class topic that aligns with what you’re already interested in.

If you’re a student at The University of Virginia, here are the easiest classes you can take to boost your GPA.

The Easiest Classes At UVA

1.  EDHS 2450 – Introduction to Communication Disorders

EDHS 2450 will teach you the basics of human communication and communication disorders.

You’ll also learn about the responsibilities of clinical professionals who work with people who have communication disorders.

According to UVA students who have taken this class, the tests are open note AND open internet, and the grading criteria is very lenient.

If you have any interest in communication disorders, or just want an easy A, we suggest giving this course a shot.

2.  MESA 2110 – Intro to Middle East/South Asian Film History

Another easy-A course at UVA is MESA 2210, which will introduce you to much of the early cinematic history of the Middle East and South Asia.

You will focus on how films were made, as well as how films were circulated and popularized.

Past students share that this course involves watching one movie a week, and the coursework includes two essays that are easily graded.

3.  MUSI 2350 – Technosonics: Digital Music and Sound Art Composition

For those of you that are interested in music, especially electronic music, this course is a must-take.

You will learn about the theory, history, and evolution of electronic music, focusing on how electronic music shaped culture and thought over the years.

Past students describe this course as easy and fun. The majority of your grade will come from a series of music projects, which are graded mainly on completion.

4.  EDLF 2070 – Effective Altruism

If you have any interest in learning about ethics, we recommend giving this course a try.

You will learn about how to make a positive impact in the world, exploring topics such as charitable giving, career choices, power, and others. 

Students who have taken this class describe it as a fairly chill class with open discussions, projects, and no exams.

5.  SLAV 2360 – Dracula

SLAV 2360 is a course that gets mentioned frequently among UVA students when discussing easy A classes, and for good reason. 

You will learn about Slavic folklore, with an emphasis on vampirism and how it was integrated into literature and culture. How cool is that?

Students share that tests are open note, open book, and open group. Some even say that the class just feels like a story time session.

6.  PSYC 2700 – Introduction to Child Psychology

For those of you that have any interest in the field of psychology, or are interested at all in learning about child psychology, we recommend trying this course out this semester.

You will explore how children behave, develop, and socialize.

This course is great for anyone with test anxiety – there are no exams, tests, or quizzes according to one former student.

Definitely an easy A in our book.

7.  EDLF 3170 – Introduction to Adolescence

The next easy class on the list is EDLF 3170, a course detailing development during adolescence and how it is affected by societal factors.

Especially if taken with Professor Smith, this course is reported to be super easy.

You can expect 3 reflection papers that are less than 500 words, one group project, and some interesting readings throughout the semester.

8.  ANTH 1010 – Introduction to Anthropology

ANTH 1010 is a class that will take you through race, language, and cultural principles of civilizations around the world.

When taken online, the course is especially easy. You’ll just read the textbook and participate in online discussions.

However, if you’re not good at remembering deadlines, the online option may not be the best for you. Students shared that at times it felt like the course was “completely unassisted” and tedious.

9.  SOC 2052 – Sociology of the Family

In this class, you’ll learn about marriage, family dynamics, and cultural factors that shape families around the world.

Past students report low workloads, flexible attendance policies, and pretty easy material. One student who took this class even said that everything taught in the class is basic common sense.

10.  HIAF 3021 – History of Southern Africa

This class will introduce you to the history of Southern Africa. You will focus on racial identities, industrialization, and the history of communities that have existed there.

Aside from just being an interesting topic, past students report that the majority of the coursework is just a short weekly reflection on the readings.

Also, the textbooks for this class are all free! Perfect for students on a budget.

If you have any interest in this area of study, we think you should give this one a shot this semester.

This post was all about easy classes to take at UVA to boost your GPA.

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