12 Easy Classes At LSU: GPA Boosters At Louisiana State University

Need a boost to your GPA this semester at Louisiana State University? Here are 12 easy classes at LSU that you can take if you want an easy A.

easy classes at LSU
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We’ve all been there – your GPA isn’t where you want it to be and you’re stressing out.

Luckily, you’re probably only a few A’s away from a better GPA. If you need a boost to your grade point average, we recommend taking an easy class that you think you can get a good grade in.

If you’re a student at Louisiana State University, here are the easiest classes you can take to boost your GPA.

Easy Classes At LSU

1.  EDCI 1001 – Introduction to College Study

The first course on our list is described by many students as being one of the easiest classes at LSU.

In this course, you will learn how to take notes, think critically, and organize your time while at college.

Course content throughout the semester will include reading assignments and a presentation assignment.

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 2.  LA 1203 – Views of the American Landscape

If you are someone that has any interest in history or learning about how the foundation of North America was built, this course is perfect for you.

LSU students share that this course is one of the easiest courses if taken with Dr. Fryling.

According to one LSU student, much of the material for this class involves memorizing quotes, names, places, and dates. The majority of the course material can be memorized through Quizlet.

 3.  ANTH 1001 – Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Prehistory

One of the courses that is most commonly described as an easy A among LSU students is ANTH 1001. 

This course will outline human history and how the human race has evolved over time. You will learn about different cultures and civilizations that have existed throughout history.

Course content for this class can be expected to include a midterm, ethnography, and a take-home exam. 

 4.  MUSI 1751 – Music Appreciation

How awesome would it be to spend a semester learning about music?

MUSI 1751 will teach you how to listen to western classical music, and will demonstrate this by having you attend live concerts.

LSU students emphasize that this course is easiest if taken with Dr. Kimball.

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 5.  ENGL 2231 – Reading Film as Literature

For all the movie buffs out there, this easy-A course is right up your alley.

Based on the experiences of LSU students, if taken with Josh Leibner, this class is one of the easiest classes that you can take.

In this course you will explore many of the film classics, and will learn about film language. You will also study how films are based on literature.

Much of the course content for ENGL 2231 involves watching movies weekly and then completing writing assignments based on the movies you watched.

6.  MUS 1600 – American Popular Music

The second music-related course on our list is one where you will learn about modern music and the different cultural, political, and economic perspectives surrounding it.

If you are someone that is interested in learning more about modern music, this course is perfect for you.

Much of your course grade will be determined by your ability to memorize a song’s artist, title, and year it was created. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Definitely give this course a shot if you are looking for an easy A at LSU.

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7.  ART 1001 – Introduction to Fine Arts

For all of you art buffs out there, this course is right up your alley. 

It will teach you about general concepts regarding many of the major art forms, and will relate much of the discussion around community, home, religion, and industry.

Especially if taken with Dr. Speith, this course is super easy and will ensure you get that easy A. Try it out!

8. CLST 2090 – Greek and Roman Mythology

If you are at all interested in studying Greek and Roman mythology and history, this easy-A course should be on your radar.

LSU students consistently list this course as being one of the easiest classes offered.

You will survey the most important details of Greek and Roman mythology throughout the semester. If you have any interest in these civilizations, we suggest you give this course a shot.

9. ID 1051 – Introduction to Interior Design

As one of the more unique courses on our list, ID 1051 offers a unique experience to those of you that are interested in interior design. 

With many students listing it as one of the easiest classes at LSU, this class offers both interesting coursework and an easy A. 

Coursework includes 4 tests and a paper, with no midterms or final exams. Sounds like an easy A!

You will learn about what it means to have a career in interior design, as well as many of the principles of interior design practice.

10. POLI 2051 – American Government

For those of you that have an interest in learning about the American government, we think this course will be an easy A for you.

The semester will be spent learning about the structure, fundamentals, history, and processes of the American government. 

LSU students describe this class as being high on their list for being an easy A.

We think it is worth giving this course a shot this semester for a boost to your GPA. 

11. CLST 2101 – Ancient Greek Civilization

Another Greek-related easy-A course on our list is CLST 2101, a course focusing on the art, language, literature, and philosophy of ancient Greek civilizations.

For those of you that have any interest in Greek history, this course can be super easy and enjoyable for you.

According to this student, the class had all of the answers posted online! Based on this, we think this class is definitely an easy A.

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12. LIS 1001 – Library Research Methods and Materials

The last course on our list should not be ignored. LIS 1001 is definitely one of the easiest courses offered at LSU. 

You will learn about how to navigate a library, how to gather information for research, and how to study different types of library resources.

Coursework for this class includes 4 assignments throughout the semester. These 4 assignments determine your entire grade.

Sounds like a super easy A!

This post was all about easy classes to take at FSU to boost your GPA.

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