100 Funny Private Story Name Ideas For Snapchat

Looking for funny private story name ideas for Snapchat? Here are 100 hilarious names to use for your private Snapchat story.

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Looking for funny names for your Snapchat private story?

To be honest, a lot of the funny private story names we saw online were a little bit corny or outdated. That’s why we decided to put together this list of 100 ACTUALLY funny private story names that you’ll want to copy.

These are perfect names for teenagers or college students to use for their friend group’s private story on Snapchat.

So here are 100 of the funniest private story name ideas that you’ll want to copy.

What Is A Private Story And How Do You Make One?

A private story on Snapchat allows you to make your stories only visible to certain people.

You also have the option to give friends the ability to upload their own stories. This becomes kind of like a group chat, but with stories that are only visible for 24 hours.

In order to make a private story on Snapchat, you’ll just need to follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Snapchat app and select your profile icon at the top of the screen
  2. Next to ‘My Stories’, you’ll click the “+ New Story” button
  3. Click “New Private Story”
  4. You’ll then be able to name your private story and add friends to it.

Funny Private Story Names For Snapchat

Want to have the funniest private story name? Here are 100 ideas for super funny group chat names that you can use for your Snapchat private story:

funny private story names

1. Don’t Tell My Therapist

2. Bible Study

3. Parental Advisory Explicit Content

4. H8 It Here

5. linkinbio

6. Meme Team

7. Flop Era

8. All Panic No Disco

9. My Last Brain Cell

10. Spam Folder

11. A Series Of Bad Decisions

12. Insert Funny Name Here

13. I Need Attention

14. Don’t Try This At Home

15. Trash – Just Like Me

16. Talks W/ Ur Local Loser

17. My Best Years

18. Woke Up Like This

19. The Hot Goss

20. Plz Like Me

21. Pat McGroin

22. To The Streets!

23. The Bipolar Express

24. Teenage Dirtbag

25. Reasons I’m Single

26. 24 Hours Of Madness

27. Snapchat Premium

28. The Wild Gamer

29. People I Tolerate

30. How It All Went Wrong

31. Hustlers University

32. No One Asked But

33. My Autobiography

34. Drinking Queens

35. Theslap.com

36. All Fax No Printer

37. Chum Bucket

38. None Of Your Business

39. My Own Drama Club

40. 💥BOOM💥 Roasted

41. Simp Nation

42. ctrl alt delete

43. What’s the 411?

44. Mistakes Were Made

45. I Am Beyonce Always

46. No Daddy Just Issues

47. Nerd Herd

48. No This Is Patrick

49. Hear It Here First

50. A Little Stitious

51. CEO Of Crying

52. Hotdog Water

53. Walking Red Flags

54. Congrats You’re In The VIP Section

55. Sotally Tober

56. Clout Goblin

57. My 13 Reasons

58. Bad Bleeps Only

59. Ur All Invited To My Funeral

60. People I Could Level In A Fight

61. Big Buns

62. Mood Swings

63. Posting While Ghosting

64. Open 24/7

65. I Am Dead Inside

66. Area 51

67. Miss Girl

68. 2High2Cry

69. The Inner Circle

70. Bikini Bottom

71. Rated R

72. Social Battery On 1%

73. Caught A Vibe

74. 7 Minutes In Heaven

75. I’m A Little Salty

76. My Sad Life

77. Dirty Laundry

78. The Spam Squad

79. Bears, Beets, Bad Decisions

80. Fat Chicks

81. Dork Diaries

82. Harry Styles’ Spit

83. Drama Alert

84. Plan B Survivors

85. 50 Shades Of Failure

86. More Issues Than Vogue

87. That’s So Fetch

88. Scorpi-hoes

89. Your Daily Vlog

90. TLDR

91. AnxieTEA

92. All Sugar No Daddy

93. Biggest 🤡 In Town

94. Best Buds Only 🍃

95. Anyways So

96. 50 Shades Of Slay

97. OnlyFanz

98. TW: My Life

99. Can U Not

100. Has Been

There you have it – 100 of the best funny private story names for Snapchat. Hopefully this post gave you some inspiration for what to name your private Snapchat story!

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